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Flexible Time | 3 Month Approx | Get started with Python  

1-to-1 online Python classes and mentoring with real experts on a flexible schedule. We can get you to your data science career as fast as possible.

Consultations vidéo gratuites

Consultations vidéo gratuites

  • Learn how python works

  • How to use jupyter notebooks

  • Write your first program

  • Modules and packages

You will join our beginners community on slack.

This gains you access almost 24-7 help from your mentor, our TAs, and your fellow learners.

Consultations vidéo gratuites

  • Write your first code

  • Learn basic python types

  • Loops, if and other control flow

  • Lists, tuples, dictionaries and iteration

Work through a series of notebooks with your mentor to learn the basic concepts.

Get rapid help whenever you get stuck.

Consultations vidéo gratuites

  • Functions, positional and default arguments

  • Decorators

  • Exception handling

  • Lambda functions

  • Map, reduce and filter

  • Itertools and Generators

Intermediate language features and packages.

Don't work hard... Work smart.

Consultations vidéo gratuites

  • Work through 100 code puzzles with your mentor

  • Learn how to structure code

  • Basic coding patterns and data structures

  • Trees, basic tree algorithms, queues, sorting algorithms.  

Learn how solve problems in a practical way and gain the benefits of your mentors experience.

Consultations vidéo gratuites

  • Work through two examples codes to understand classes in python

  • Solve an object orientated problem with your mentor

Object orientation is the first advanced topic you'll study.

This is a key aspect of designing quality code.

Consultations vidéo gratuites

  • Learn which python libraries are key to data science

  • Work through notebooks using the first steps of pandas and numpy

Using libraries is essential to data science.

Pandas as numpy are two of the most career essential current packages in python today.

Consultations vidéo gratuites

You are assigned a personal mentor to give your one-to-one classes twice at week at flexible times. This is always an experienced data scientist with a Ph.D. and many years of industrial experience.

This mentor will guide you through all the exercise notebooks and challenge problems. They are also available for quick questions between classes  on slack along side our qualified TAs.

You also join our learners and alumni community through our private slack channels and bi-weekly group video catch up calls. Help is available whenever you get stuck. 

Consultations vidéo gratuites

Consultations vidéo gratuites

All payment options correspond to:

  • 24 1-to-1 1 hr sessions

  • Learners community membership

  • Permanent access to all materials (even if you cancel)

  • 20 Jupyter exercise notebooks with solutions 

  • $1000 per month

Pay per month up front. Cancel at any time.

  • $2800 one off payment (cheapest option)

Pay once up front.

  • $45 per session (most flexible option)

Pay after each 1-to-1 session. Cancel at any time.

Consultations vidéo gratuites

Consultations vidéo gratuites

In a free consultation video call​ one of our mentors will help you understand:

  • Your level

  • The courses we offer

  • Which course is best for you

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